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Submit and Register for Events!

Only three months until KantCon, and Event Submission and Registration are already in full swing! If you haven’t looked, we have at least 72 events up on our Warhorn! There’s everything from brand new game demos, to classic D&D adventures and everything in between. If you’ve got something you would like to bring to the convention, don’t delay! Players are already picking events and some have already filled up! Event Submission: Event Registration: We are also pleased to announce that Play to Beat Brain Cancer will be attending KantCon again this year! Play to Beat Brain Cancer is a nonprofit organized to help people who have Brain Cancer with their medical bills, as well as to help support Brain Cancer research and clinical trials. If that wasn’t enough to stop by their table, they will also be running different tabletop games from the 80’s! They’ll be totally tubular! Check them out here: If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our VIG Packages! On top of all the great KantCon SWAG, and raffle tickets, you also get a custom adventure by one of our amazing coordinators. In fact, our Mysterious Leader, Board Chairperson, and Director of Assets, Jeremy Putnam, has signed up to run an adventure for our VIGs! He’s been with the convention since its inception. In fact, the first KantCon was held in his basement! What better way to celebrate KantCon’s 10th year? He can run D&D (any edition), Savage Worlds, D6 System, Mutants & Masterminds, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mage, Vampire, or Werewolf (older versions), OSRIC, or Warhammer Fantasy (percentile versions).

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