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Calling All Board Gamers!

Are you big into board games? KantCon has you covered! We are pleased to announce that our MASSIVE game library will be back this year. You can play all of your favorites and try newer board games you’ve had your eye on! We’ll have open tables all weekend for board gaming fun. This is a great way to meet new people at the convention, and get introduced to your fellow gamer’s favorite games!

We’ll also have our Board-Games-On-Demand back this year! Our Board Game Facilitators will be running a number of events all weekend. This is a great way to learn how to play without having to actually read the rules. The game facilitators have done that for you, so you can jump straight into the fun! Look for these slots on Warhorn to see when they’re starting! If these weren’t enough board games for you, we’re aso bringing back our Play-to-Win program from Double Exposure! At the convention, we’ll have a number of games that after you play, we’ll add your name to a list and you’ll be put into a raffle. On Sunday, we’ll do a drawing and you could win the right to bring the game home with you at the end of the convention! Make sure you check out this year’s selection and try out the ones that look fun! If you have a specific board game you'd like to run for others, event submission is still open! We’ll add the board game and time you pick to our Warhorn site and others can sign-up to play with you! You can also submit your RPGs if you haven’t already! Event submission closes June 22nd.

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