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Check Out our Buy-In-Games

There are many activities to look forward to this Summer at our convention – board games, RPGs, our amazing vendor booths, and more! We want to remind everyone about our Buy-In-Games that offer an exceptional and unique gaming experience!

Buy-In-Games have something a little special about them: they may require extra effort by the game master or prizes may be awarded to the players. At the very least, each buy-in game you participate in gets you 5 raffle tickets. Buy-In-Games cost an additional $10 per game.

You can find the full list of Buy-In-Games for this year’s convention here: We have 3D Betrayal at House on the Hill, Alien RPG, and Sailors on a Starless Sea (Dungeon Crawl Classics) just to name a few! Don’t forget to purchase your badge now ( and sign up for these and other events on Warhorn!


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