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KantCon to feature fresh indie creators with sponsor A Little Help

You’ve always wanted to get into the gaming or art or novel-writing “biz,” but you’ve never set up a website, done press interviews, or worked a booth at a convention before.

That’s where KJ Davis offers A Little Help, her creator-helping business that’s sponsoring and featuring guests at the 15th annual KantCon July 5-7, 2024 at the Overland Park Convention Center.

Indie writers, artists, and other creators (engravers and snack makers!) will be part of a rotating group meeting, greeting, selling, and talking about their work—including KJ Davis, who’s a sci-fi and fantasy writer herself—at A Little Help’s two tables. The difference between Davis and the average indie-helping marketing business is that Davis caters to folks who need a little extra support to get themselves out there because of shyness, anxiety, or neurodivergence.

Davis calls A Little Help a “creative community network” for small, creative businesses, like authors and crafters. That includes networking inside and outside their dedicated website and Discord channel as well as startup services, indie publishing, and business resources.

“It’s sort of an a la carte buffet,” she says. Creators pick and choose: Got a business plan, but need a client retention database? Already self-published, but need virtual assistant help? Already drawing, but don’t have a website to point people to? Davis has her clients covered.

Davis’ A Little Help Booth will also be a safe haven for attendees to calm down with folks who understand how a noisy convention can be overwhelming for those with sensory sensitivity, various neurodivergent issues, or autism.

The whole thing started because Davis started following her calling: “I always end up being the mama bear in social circles or comic-cons or game conventions.” You know—she’s the one who’s there for you when you’re sad, stressed or overwhelmed.

“I lead with kindness first,” she says.

The booth also brings together two of Davis’ favorite things: talking about her writing and genre fiction in general and helping people. Come talk to Davis about The Neurodivergent Planner Journal and her series book 1, Star of Avalon.

“Me personally, I love finding a connection with those who come up to the booth,” she says. “They get more information about my book, and then we talk about what their interests are.”

Davis herself is already in the comic-book, gaming, sci-fi, fantasy world with her work as an author, but she also gets together with family and friends every Sunday to play Dungeons & Dragons, so she “gets” the folks at gaming conventions like KantCon.

Thinking about getting out into the world and selling a creative product or service of your own? Davis’ top advice is about being kind to yourself: “You need to celebrate your successes, no matter how small.” Before you become the next Stephen King, paint a mural in a big museum, or win a Tony for your screenplay, you need to pat yourself on the back, if you’re nervous, when you talk to someone, when you sell your first thing, and, yes, when you sit at a table with A Little Help at KantCon and pitch your wares for the first time.

“Your first dollar is just as important as your first big commission check,” she says.

Brendan Howard is a freelance podcaster, writer and editor based in Olathe, Kan. His podcast is


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