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Our Convention Book is available now!

Are you excited for some tabletop fun this weekend?  KantCon is just around the corner, and it's your chance to dive into a world of tabletop fun!  Our digital convention book is now available online, offering all the details you need: Convention Book

Also, here are some last minute reminders about several of our Board Game activities: 

  • KantCon Game Library: Explore our extensive collection of classic favorites and new titles. Check it out here: KantCon Game Library. It’s a great way to enjoy fun times with your friends.

  • Play-to-Win: Learn a brand-new game and take a chance to win new games donated by publishers. Each copy will be given away on Sunday. Curious about the available games? See the list here: Play-to-Win List.

  • Game Garage Sale: Rotate the boxes on your shelves by selling your unplayed games to other eager gamers! Save time by filling out our form in advance: Sell Your Games.

See you soon!


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