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KantCon is kid friendly!

KantCon is proud to be family friendly and plans to host several games to keep your little ones entertained. In addition to the many kid-accessible board games available for check-out, we will have several events specifically targeted to introduce children into the larger gaming hobby.

Want to show your daughter how much fun miniatures gaming can be? Consider the ‘Family Gaming - Fuzzy Heroes’ event where players use plushie toys to battle. Are you interested in seeing how your son might take to roleplaying? Take a look at ‘Curse of the Shadow Walker’ or ‘Yuletide Journey’ where a simplistic system is used to teach general RPG concepts to kids. Or if you would like to see some family board games in action, check out the ‘Family Gaming’ event where our resident kid-event-expert, John Clement, will be playing games with his little ones!

In addition to these specific games, the minimum age listed on the description in Warhorn can help you find other events that are appropriate for younger audiences. Please keep in mind that most of these are designed for you and your children to participate together and our normal supervision policy applies. (See our FAQ )

Read details on these events along with all our other games on Warhorn:

If you’re looking for a little something extra for your adult self, consider some of our Buy-In-Games! You might have seen some of these events on Warhorn, and wondered what they are. They’re games that have something a little special or unique about them, and some even have cool prizes! There’s an additional buy-in price of $10 per game to offset the extra effort and prize value within these events. Be sure to check them out and see if there’s anything you would like to play to enhance your weekend of fun!

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