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Board Games at KantCon!

Looking to try new board games? KantCon has you covered! We will be bringing back our massive KantCon board game collection this year so you can play some favorites, and try out new games. Now I know, who wants to spend all that time reading a rulebook at a convention? Don’t worry, we’re still going to be offering our Board Games on Demand events! In these sessions, one of our board game gurus will teach you the rules so you can just focus on playing. Their availability will be on Warhorn, so you know when and where to meet them to learn a new game! No board game experience at KantCon would be complete without our Play-to-Win games! There will be special games at the convention that you can try playing, which adds your name to a lousy for that game. Then, on Sunday, one random player from each list will be chosen to take the game home with them! There’s no extra buy-in for this, just your KantCon badge! You’ll need to be present to win on Sunday.

We’re also pleased to announce that KantCon has a new sponsor this year, RPG (Restaurant, Pub, & Games)!

Your gaming fun doesn’t have to end at KantCon, with a launch set for September 2019 - RPG is the first true board game bar in Lawrence, KS. Bringing hundreds of board games, mead, chef prepared foods, custom drinks, weekly events, and people from every walk of life together in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

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