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Competitions Abound!

Have you been looking for an opportunity to try out your latest costume or cosplay? KantCon is bringing back its costume contest! This yearly event will take place on July 20th from 6-8pm. Like in prior years, the contest will begin with a pre-judging, followed by a parade of costumes around the convention, and finally, prizes! To enter, you’ll just need a badge for the convention on Saturday. We have more details available at:

We also have a number of additional exciting events coming this year! If you’ve checked out Warhorn recently you’ll have noticed our Envoy and Catan Tournaments. These events will be taking place throughout the weekend so you can prove your excellence at board game favorites. If you win any of the Envoy Tournaments, you will receive entry to GenCon, and a seat at the National Championship! If you win the Catan Tournament, you’ll receive a spot in the National Catan Tournament at Origins. The National winner will be sent to the 2020 Catan World Championship! Check out these events on our Warhorn, and keep an eye out for DDAL and PFS events in the upcoming weeks! We are also still looking for volunteers. We know it’s early, but if you haven’t already, consider setting aside some time to volunteer at the convention. We really depend on volunteers to keep the convention running, and couldn’t do it without your help. Plus, you gets lots of cool perks, like a free badge for days where you volunteer 4 hours, snackage during the convention, and an invitation to the KantCon volunteer party, where we make up for all that lost gaming time at the convention. This is also a great way to meet fellow gamers, and get more involved with the convention. If interested, please fill out the form at the following link:

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