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Event Sign-Up Ends Today!

Happy Fourth of July! We can’t wait to see you in just a few weeks!

Today is the last day to sign-up for events prior to the convention! Any available spots in events will be available for sign-up at the convention, but this is your last chance to secure your spot ahead of time. We have everything from Board Games to RPGs to Card Games and more! Be sure to check them all out on Warhorn: We also have our Convention Book for 2019 finished! These will also be available at the convention right as you walk in, but take a sneak peak! We have information on all of our events, tournaments, dining options, prizes, and more. Check it out at the following link: Have you tried out Dread yet? In this game, you play through a horror adventure, but instead of rolling dice, you pull blocks from a Jenga tower. This means that right as the adventure is getting the most tense, the uncertainty of if you will survive (by not knocking over the tower) is at its highest. This game is very popular at the convention, we have four different sessions of it planned so far at KantCon 2019, and we’re down to the last few player spots! If you’re interested, you can buy into the Dreaded Assembly Buy-In-Game on Saturday night. This game has the added bonus of being played on a GIANT Jenga set.

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