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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from KantCon! Whether you’re rolling dice, moving pieces around a board, or shuffling card decks, we hope your day is full of gaming with those you love.

Did you roll low on your investigation check to find the perfect gift this year or are you looking to add that “certain something” to send your gift over the top? Consider a badge for this year’s KantCon! We have single-day badges, 3-day badges, family badges. For something extra-special, consider our VIG (Very Important Gamer) badges where you’ll get to play through a custom-written adventure by one of our GMs!

Our lowest-priced Early Bird badges are on sale NOW through April 1st! After that, online registration will run through June 23rd with increased badge prices. Happy gaming and we look forward to seeing you this summer at KantCon!


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