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Sign up for Events!

Sign up for Events

Those of you who check the website regularly will have notices that Event Registration quietly started on time yesterday. Some of us were busy preparing our taxes and forgot to send out the announcement! But the time has come -- we have events, and you can sign up for them! Check out the ever-growing list of great games to choose from in Warnhorn:

Remember, that you must purchase your badge before you can register for events. Check the website and get your badge now, so that you can hop in on that great game before it fills up!!register/c31p

Also, this year we have a great selection of Buy-in-Games -- special events that provide you something ‘extra’ along with a unique and memorable experience. You will find these events listed in Warhorn and can purchase tickets for them on our website:!register/c31p

Finally, if there is a cool game you’re excited to play, feel free to run it yourself. Simply submit the details via the form on our website and get added to the list of great GMs!!event-submission/c3er

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