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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! This year, consider the gift of gaming with your sweetie. Our Early Bird tickets are on sale now, and what would be more fun than a weekend of adventuring through dungeons and slaying dragons together? Looking for something extra special for your Valentine? Consider our VIG packages! On top of of all the amazing KantCon SWAG that comes with the ticket, you’ll get a custom game from one of our amazing GMs! They’ll work with you to create an adventure that your Valentine will love, whether they’re into cyberpunk dystopia, space exploration, or storming castles!

Early Bird Sales will continue through March 31st, so grab your packages now! Also, event submission begins March 5th, so start thinking about if there’s anything you would like to GM! We’re also pleased to announce that we have block pricing for two hotels within walking distance of the convention center. Grab a room at the Holiday Inn and Suites for only $114/night or the Courtyard Marriott for $104-$124/night. Check out our website for more details and directions on booking:

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