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We honor the following discounts.

  • RPGKC Members: Paid active members in good standing of the Role-Players Guild of Kansas City are eligible for a 20% discount of Online and Onsite Registration (but not Early Bird). Contact an RPGKC officer to get the coupon code to enter when buying your badge.

  • Service Personnel: Active military, policy, fire, and other first responders are eligible for a 20% discount off Online and Onsite Registration (but not Early Bird). Email a picture of a license or other ID that shows your name alongside your service position to You will receive a coupon code that can be entered when buying the badge.

  • Vendors/Exhibitors: Your table(s) includes one 3-day badge and additional badges can be purchased at ½ price. Just let us know how many badges you want went you submit your vendor/exhibitor registration form.

No Retroactive Discounts

If you buy a badge, and later find out you were eligible for a discount, there is no way to retroactively apply that discount.  Take solace in the fact that by not taking advantage of your discount, you are supporting KantCon to a greater degree.

No Stacking Discounts/Incentives

Badge discounts, the Game Master / Marshall Incentive Program, Volunteer benefits, etc. do not stack. If more than one bonus is applicable, choose one.  Examples:

  • You're running events or volunteering for 4 hours: getting a free badge for that day can not be beat.

  • You're eligible for a 20% discount: waiting till after Early Bird, for regular Online registration, may be a better value.


KantCon makes every effort to keep this convention as affordable as possible.  Abuse of the system to fraudulently lower your costs has the effect of increasing the cost for everyone else; this will not be tolerated—expect to be ejected from the premises and your ill-gotten badge confiscated.

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