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Vendor Agreement

  1. Sales Tax

    • The vendor is responsible for paying all sales taxes associated with their sales.

  2. Liability/Hold Harmless

    • The vendor will assume all risk and hold harmless KantCon, the Overland Park Convention Center, and all parties associated with KantCon including Gamer’s Haven, other vendors, and any agents thereof. The vendor assumes legal responsibility for claims, damages, and liabilities while using the Overland Park Convention Center’s facilities.

  3. Illegal Items

    • The vendor agrees not to sell items of an illegal nature such as, but not limited to, bootleg/pirated products, age restricted items to minors, and other restricted products.

  4. Staffing

    • The vendor is responsible for staffing their own booth and managing those employees.

  5. Rental and Refund

    • The vendor agreement will include a single table, two chairs per table, a table cloth, pipe and curtain (on request only), and one vendor badge. (Additional badges can be purchased for half price.  Note: Badges are only needed to play in an event.)

    • Payment for the tables will be collected by June 1st. Any refund requested before this time will be returned at 100% of value. During the month June all refunds will be issued at 75%. Between July 1st and July 8th refunds will be issued at 50%. After July 8th and the convention, refunds are issued at 25%. On day of convention, no refunds will be issued.

  6. Set Up and Tear Down

    • The convention hall opens at 6 AM and vendors will be able to set up at that time on opening day. The convention will close down on Sunday at 8 PM and vendors will be expected to have taken down their tables by then.

  7. Display

    • The vendors are allowed to set up displays that does not obstruct the flow of traffic in their booth area. However, vendors are not to place anything on the walls.

  8. Safety

    • KantCon is a fun convention and safety is one of our highest priorities. Vendors are expected to take safety into consideration when setting up displays, setting up and tearing down, and conducting their business. Anyone who creates unsafe conditions will be asked to correct the safety risk and those who do not correct the risk will be asked to leave.

  9. No Giveaway Food

    • The vendors are not to have open giveaway foods unless they are individually wrapped. This is based on OPCC’s policy.

  10. Security

    • KantCon will be providing a safe location for the sales of your merchandise during the convention; however, highly sensitive items, such as cash boxes, should be kept by the vendor in a secure location.

  11. Electricity​

    •  Outlets up to 5 Amps will be located near the vendor tables. Vendors will need to provide their own power strips and extension cords, which will need to be taped down for safety reasons.​

    • If a vendor requires more than 5 Amps for your table, the vendor will be required to pay for the extra expenses. KantCon will provide a link from OPCC to the vendor for these cases.

    •  In the event a fuse is blown, any fees incurred by KantCon will be passed on to the vendors.

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