The Dreaded KantCon News

We are deeply saddened to inform you that KantCon 2020 has been cancelled. The organizers have continued to monitor the COVID-19 progression, and we felt that it would not be feasible to put forth an enjoyable event while ensuring the comfort and safety of everyone. Given the current climate and evolving regulations, we realized that a convention in July of this year could require significant changes to table placement, seating, handling of games and merchandise, as well as increased protection and sanitation needs. Our focus has always been on the gaming, and we believe that these changes would too greatly detract from the fun. Thank you very much for your interest and support of KantC

Halfway Through Event Submission

If there are any games you’ve been wanting to try out, now is the time for you to submit them for KantCon! (or peer pressure a GM friend to) You can submit any type of game you’d like from your favorite classic to something new a different you’ve been wanting to try. Simply fill out the form here: And when you’re done, check out the great games already on Warhorn! (I definitely signed-up for something while writing this post): In between events, check out our Board Game Library! We have an expansive Board Game library with new games added each year for you to try out! Plus, if you hate spending time learni

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