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Board Games at KantCon!

Looking to try out some new board games this weekend? KantCon has you covered!

We will have our KantCon Board Game Library open all weekend. This is a collection of board games available to all attendees to play throughout the convention. Make sure to set aside time to stop by and try out something new. We’ll have plenty of tables near the library set aside so you can drop in and out as fits your schedule. Also, if you would like to help expand our library, any and all game donations are accepted, be they older or newer releases, "classic" or obscure, we'll take those games that have been sitting on your shelf or in storage. If you don’t have any specific games to donate, we'll have a cash donation box set up if you'd like to contribute directly to improving our library collection.

We’ll also have Play-to-Win games back again this year! If you check out these board games and give them a try, we’ll put you in a raffle to win them at the end of the convention. We have a growing list of games on our website. Take a look and plan out which games you want to try!

Staff Picks

Some older titles, some newer, but the KantCon staff have picked out some of our favorites that you can find in the library!

7 Wonders Architects - high player count, faster than 7 Wonders

Call to Adventure - Develop your character from the ground up!

Deadly Doodles - Flip and fill your way through the dungeon.

Living Forest - Push your luck to collect animals and protect the forest.

Lost Ruins of Arnak - Worker placement and deck-building with an adventuring theme, what more do you need in a game?

Mystic Paths - Fully cooperative word-based game similar to Codenames.

Raptor - 2 player scientist-chomping dino fun!

The Quacks of Quedlinburg - Push your luck as you brew new potions.

Wavelength - high player count team vs team or fully cooperative word association game for all!


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