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Buy a Badge at Midwest Gamefest!

Hey Kansas City Tabletop Gamers! Are you headed to Midwest Gamefest next week?

We can’t wait to see you there! Keep an eye out for the KantCon booth, we will be selling badges for KantCon 2024. In case you have not had time to pick one up, now is your chance! In addition, we’ll have KantCon dice for sale, all personally blown on for luck by our mascot, Cedric. Hope to see you at our booth!!

Looking to skip the whole “buying a badge” thing? Consider volunteering at KantCon! You’ll get a free badge for any day you volunteer for a 4-hour shift!

We have been incredibly lucky to grow as a convention the last few years, which has led us to bringing on many volunteers into larger roles with behind the scenes planning. This means we are going to need more new volunteers than ever this year, so please spread the word far and wide to all your friends! We are also still looking for someone to help as a Sponsorship coordinator, reaching out to local businesses and trying to drum up interest in local opportunities. If you, or anyone you know, has experience with this and are interested in being involved in KantCon behind the scenes, let us know!


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