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Two weeks to go!

Behold, the grand countdown begins, and in a mere fortnight's time the convention hall doors shall swing wide and the festivities shall commence! Yet, dear adventurers, as you bask in anticipation, quench your thirst for knowledge with the exciting updates that lie ahead!

Organized Play - Looking to play in a carefully-crafted adventure straight from your favorite publisher? Look no further–we are running several organized games of your favorite systems at our convention! We have D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder Society (2nd ed), Shadowrun Missions and more! Simply check the box for your system of interest in the top left of Warhorn under the “Campaign” heading to see the times and games that are running

Volunteers - KantCon would not be what it is without the help of our awesome volunteers! We have many shifts still open and are asking you fine folks to consider signing up. You’ll receive a complimentary badge for the day(s) you volunteer, snacks during your shift, and an invite to an exclusive after party to help make up for the time missed during the convention! You can sign up to volunteer here:

Play-To-Win - The KantCon Play-to-Win program is back for 2023! It is available to all convention attendees that participate in or play a copy of the Play-to-Win games designated at the Game Library. The winner(s) receive the copy of the game that was used for this program. This program is sponsored by one or more generous game companies that have donated a copy of a Play-to-Win game to raise awareness of their product.

You can read more about the program and see the list of games you could win here:

Envoy - Many of the Play-to-Win games are being donated by publishers that are part of the Envoy program. Envoy is an organization that works with a dedicated team of gamers that love to run and demo games for the companies that Envoy represents. Envoy heralds can receive free copies of the games that they are willing to professionally run or demo at conventions, game stores, and group gatherings. If you are enthusiastic and love to run games, consider joining the program today!

Harvesters - Back again this year we are participating in a Harvesters charity food drive! We will have bins setup at the convention for your physical donations, and we have a link here: if you’d rather donate virtually! Every $1 donated helps Harvesters provide up to 2 meals for hungry families, children and seniors in our community. We hope you will join us in making a difference for many! For those who’d like to bring items to the convention to drop off, we have a list of most-needed items here:


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