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See You This Weekend!

We hope you’re all looking forward to KantCon this weekend! We can’t wait to see you all there! If you still don’t have a badge, we’ll be selling them at the door throughout the convention.

If you want to see our KantCon book in advance, it is available now at the following link:

Please note that we had some last minute vendor changes so the printed map in your bag will not be entirely accurate. However, there will be signs at the convention with the corrected information and the online book is also up to date.

Do you have any board games that are taking up room in a closet because you rarely play it anymore? KantCon is welcoming donations to our board game library. This is an excellent way for your unpopular games to gain new life and bring enjoyment to a wider audience. Also, it is an easy way for you to support the convention and free up space to store your other hobbies!

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