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Enhance your Gaming Experience!

As those of you who’ve attended KantCon in the past know, we work with hotels around the Overland Park Convention Center to help secure great rates for our attendees. We’re still reaching out to other hotels to get the best rates, but are pleased to let you know we currently have rooms set aside at the Hyatt Place located down the street from the convention center. Get a single occupancy room for only $129! Just make sure you book before July 22nd to receive this rate. We’ll let you know here as we work out details with other hotels:

Also, there is just over a week left to get your VIG badge for the convention! This badge comes with all kinds of exclusive SWAG, raffle tickets, and most importantly, your very own custom game run by someone here at KantCon! They’ll reach out to you, and design an adventure to your liking. The final day to buy your VIG badge is on May 20th! Grab yours before they’re gone!

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