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Update on Badge Sales and Event Submission

Score the best deal now!


Grab your tickets early and save big with Early Bird Badges and Packages. This is your exclusive chance to bundle limited-edition KantCon 2024 merchandise with your badge. While extra merch will be available at the convention, securing an Early Bird Package guarantees we'll have your swag waiting for you.


Don't miss out! Head over to our registration page:

Attention Game Masters and Board Game Fans!


We're thrilled to announce that Event Submission is open! This is your chance to share your passion and connect with fellow gamers by submitting any game you'd like to run at the convention. Whether you've been itching to mastermind an epic RPG or host a fierce competition for your favorite board game, this is your platform!


Head over to to submit your events! We can't wait to see what you bring to the table!


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