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Buy a Badge and Run Games!

Early Bird Tickets are on sale now!

This is when prices will be at their lowest. Plus, this is your only chance to get one of our Early Bird packages! Adult 3-day badges will be $35, and our Moderate package, which includes 3-day entry, raffle tickets, and 2020 KantCon dice is $50. Check here for family, children, and single-day badge pricing, as well as info on our even better Early Bird packages!

We are excited to announce that Event Submission is now open! All of those game ideas you have been working on can be posted for players to sign up for! Be sure to include information to entice potential players and educate them on what the game will be about. We look forward to exciting adventures and full tables! Register your event here.

Have any young adventurers in your family? Kids KantCon will be back this year on July 18th from 9am to 6pm! Bring them by for adventures targeted to younger players, or run by other kids and teens. We’re also looking for people interested in running games during the event. If you have a kid-friendly adventure you’re interested in running, or are a young GM yourself, please reach out to us at We'd love for you to get involved!

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