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Board Games at KantCon

If your preferred type of tabletop gaming is board games, KantCon has you covered! This year we will again have our extensive KantCon board game library. These games will be available for check-out throughout the convention, so you can give them a whirl and find your next favorite!

We’ll also be bringing back a convention favorite, our Play-to-Win library! For our newer attendees, or attendees that haven’t taken advantage of this before, we have a large variety of new board games available to be played during the convention. Once you give them a try, you and whoever else you’ve played the game with will be entered in a raffle to win the game to bring home with you at the end of the convention! Note that the drawing happens on Sunday afternoon and you must be present to win. We’ll be populating this list with games as they get added to this library

If you’ve been to KantCon in the past, you may have run into Dustin Dade, and his board game, Scourge of the High Seas! It's played over 5 rounds and takes about 90-120 minutes to play. It also goes up to 6 players so you can get a rowdy crew together to see who has the most gold and treasure by the end of the game. The game has been in development since 2017, and has made quite a few appearances at KantCon over the years. It is finally reaching its production point, and the Kickstarter for it is live NOW! If you would like to support this local game developer, and also get a great game out of it, consider backing the game yourself. The Kickstarter will run until May 25th.


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