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Extra Special Fun at KantCon!

Looking for some extra-special events to add to your convention experience this year?

We are pleased to announce we will be bringing back our Costume Contest!If you want to participate, make sure you have a badge for Saturday’s convention and sign up on Warhorn. There will be pre-judging, followed by a parade, and an award ceremony! Make sure to check out our rules for the year on our website:

We are also bringing back our Buy-In-Games (BIGs)! These are events that have something special about them, from life-sized Jenga tiles for Dread, to an X-Wing set-up. Some of the events also give away goodies like dice or raffle tickets. If you want in, they’re only $10 so make sure to grab your tickets before they fill up! If you want to play, just buy a spot on the Kantcon website, and we’ll sign you up on Warhorn!

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