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Our Two Favorite Things: SWAG and Board Games

We are proud to bring back our yearly Mugs, T-shirts, and Dice to KantCon 2017! Our Dice this year will have a pearly black and grey swirl. The Mug and T-shirt will both feature Cedric the Dragon playing a Board Game! These will all be on sale at the convention, but if you just can’t wait that long, you can also order now off of our website! We’ll have them ready at the door when you arrive and pick up your badge. You’ll be able to head straight to gaming with new gear in hand! Make sure you get what you want now. Once we’ve sold out, they’re gone! Also, if you haven’t already, consider becoming one of our Board Game on Demand Facilitators! This is a great way to be sure you’ll get some time to play your favorite Board Games at the convention, and share them with your fellow attendees! All you need to do is make a list of board games you feel comfortable explaining the rules for (it helps for scheduling purposes if they’re all roughly the same length and have approximately the same number of players). To sign up, or get more details, please e-mail our Board Game Guru, Nick at Don’t forget, only ELEVEN more days until Event Submission ends!

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