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Armor Up at KantCon!

Only a little over a month until KantCon! Are you ready? We have lots of great vendors for you this year! For the first time ever, we’ve even got a local handmade chainmail vendor coming! Dragonclaw Chainmail makes a variety of goods for all your chainmail needs. They’ll be bringing have jewelry and, of course, dice bags with a nerdy flair! They also do custom orders, Pokeballs, inlays, and armor. Be sure to set aside some time to check out DragonClaw Chainmail. This is their first convention, an we want to show them why KantCon is so great! If you’re looking to stay close to the convention this year, we have you covered! We’ve got blocks at both the Holiday Inn and Suites($114/night) or the Courtyard Marriott ($104-$124/night). Both hotels are only blocks away from the convention so you won’t be late to your 9am games! Plus, after a long day of gaming, it beats having to drive all the way back home. Directions for booking are at the following link. Our discount pricing at the Courtyard Marriott ends on June 21st, so grab yours now! If you haven’t already, make sure to submit your events! Player registration is in full swing, and players are looking to fill their schedules! Whether you have a favorite board game you'd like to play, or a new scenario you want to try running, we encourage you to submit it for KantCon! We’ll be taking game submissions until June 22nd.

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