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Prepare for KantCon

Are you ready for KantCon? With the convention only SIX WEEKS away, we are are in crunchtime! First, with schedules filling up PLEASE consider volunteering! Even just one shift on one day would make a world of difference. We really depend on volunteers to keep the convention running. Plus, when you volunteer you get a lot of extra perks like a free badge on the day you volunteer, snacks, and an invite to our volunteer party where we game to make up for lost KantCon time. If you have any availability please fill out the form here: Second, don’t forget online Pre-Registration will end on July 1st! We will have badges for sale at the door too, but you’ll save money by buying now. Prices go up at the door!

Lastly, Event Submission will end on June 22nd. That’s only two weeks from now! Make sure you get all your events in before then. Players will have an additional two weeks to sign-up after that.

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