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AD&D, PFS, and Shadowrun!

Looking for organized RPGs? We’ll have AD&D, PFS, and Shadowrun at KantCon! If you want to sign-up, all of the events will be listed on our Warhorn site prior to the convention. There are events for both experienced players and those who are looking to learn the RPG systems. Each Warhorn listing will tell you if experience in the system is needed or if the GM will teach the mechanics. The AD&D and Shadowrun events are already up, and the PFS events will be listed later this month, so be sure to check back.

As we plan for the convention this summer, we’re aware that COVID-19 precautions are on the top of our attendees minds. We continue to monitor recommendations from health organizations and are in constant contact with our venue to make this event a comfortable, enjoyable, and safe experience for everyone. We have updated the COVID section of our website to include some FAQs. If you have any questions surroundings our COVID precautions, we encourage you to check them out.


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