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Mark your Calendar for April 1st!

Just a reminder that Early Bird ends this Wednesday! This is your last chance to get badges when they’re at their cheapest, as well as our Early Bird packages. These packages are the only way you can get t-shirts, mugs, dice sets, and other KantCon goodies with your badge purchase. If you miss out, you can always buy them separately, but our Early Bird packages are our best deals.

Starting Thursday, April 1st, our pre-registration period will begin. You can still buy badges online, but at a higher price! This is also the day that event sign-up will begin. If you’ve already purchased a badge, you can register on Warhorn, and secure your slot in any events that catch your eye.

If you want to submit your own event, we’re taking those submissions now! Just fill out the form here, and we’ll put your event on Warhorn for your fellow convention-goers to sign-up for!


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