Buy-In to Special Games at KantCon!

Have you looked at all the events on Warhorn yet? There are board games, social games, trivia games, RPGs, panels, and more! Plus we’re adding new ones as they come in, so make sure you take a look and grab a spot in your favorites before they fill up! While you’re scrolling, you might notice some “Buy-In-Games,” these are special events run by KantCon coordinators and board members that include a little something extra, like a GIANT Jenga set, or some cool prizes. We have both board game and RPG Buy-In-Games, so check them out when you have a second. To sign up, buy them at the link below and we’ll add you to the list on Warhorn. https://www.kant

Looking for Creator Feedback

Are you a writer, game designer, or artist? We want your feedback! During KantCon 2019 we will have a panel for writers & game designers on how to work with artists effectively. In order to make sure this is a productive discussion, we'd like to make sure we cover topics that you’re interested in and could really benefit from. Writers: What questions have you always wanted to ask artists? Do you have any stories - good or bad - about working with artists? Artists: What can writers do to make your job easier when they commission you? Do you have any stories - good or bad - about working with writers? You can reach out to us in the comments, or by e-mailing And if

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